Bernard Saint-Maxent

Bernard Saint-Maxent is self-taught, which allowed him to follow his own ideas in the choice of materials and to integrate elements of all kinds into his creations. His current work revolves around the pranks of an omnipresent slender character with a joie de vivre.
He gives movement and life to his sculptures. His inspiration comes from the burlesque scenes of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, from current events to advertising, from the contradictions of modern life and from his own delusions. Even if the subjects he addresses do not always make you smile, they are nevertheless treated with humor and joie de vivre. He strives to attract attention and then reflection.
They are made with a metal structure around which he models with resin then applies a varnish. After a day, he applies two coats of bronze paint and after another day, he finishes with a patina that resembles bronze. Specifications are made separately! The sculpture is then attached to aluminum to be hung on the wall.
For Bernard, art should be light and bring pleasure.
Bernard Saint Maxent has exhibited widely in Europe.His work has been exhibited in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto and New York with Linda Blackstone, with whom he has been associated since 2008. His work appears to appeal to an international quirky sense of humor, and Bernard enjoys selling out shows during this time. To date, he has organized two sold-out solo exhibitions at Place des Vosges in Paris. His work is also exhibited in galleries in Honfleur, Courchevel and Saint-Paul de Vence in France.