Welcome to Art de Vivre Gallery & Design

North Palm Beach, Florida

Welcome to a corner of France in the heart of the Sunshine State! The pop art work shown here is of iconic imagery inspired by emerging, but also often internationally renowned street artists.

Their work, originally considered vandalism, is now foundational imagery for the French Pop-Art and Street-art movement, using the essentials of urban culture, and highlighting the movement with captivating sculptures, colorful murals, canvases, and contemporary paintings.

Art de Vivre Gallery offers a wide variety of paintings, sculptures and other art objects inspired by pop-art and street art, and we are committed to sending you home with the pieces you love. 

Let us help you start collecting art or assist to grow your collection !

We offer interest free financing over 10 months with Artmoney.com, and are partnered with WooCommerce and Paypal to accept all methods of payment including cheques.