Laurence Nolleau

From the beginning, Laurence created striking portraits in knife painting, then the desire to bring her faces to life led her towards other research… Intrigued
by the power of Optical and Kinetic Art on the viewer, always in quest for innovation and technical challenges, Laurence created in 2016 her first wall sculptures in mirror-polished stainless steel, interactive and participatory light sculptures.
She continues her explorations with the aim of associating optical art with sculpture in an absolute aesthetic research.
In 2019, Laurence Nolleau surprises us with her new Op art sculptures, based on the techniques used by Victor Vasarely,It uses the visual perception of the observer who sees each work like a photo, as we approach it we discover that it is lines of metal which recompose it. Innovative, she draws metal with rare sensitivity, sculpting each blade of metal one by one, to obtain this astonishing result which brings to her portraits: realism, exceptional graphic purity.