Fanni Mayer

When pop meets contemporary, when nostalgia meets modernism, Fanni Mayer reveals herself by revisiting these arts imbued with world culture.
Raised between Germany and Belgium, the French artist has always been a great multiculturalist. His father, a painter, art lover and collector, passed on to him a love of creation.
During his studies, Fanni won several drawing competitions and his adoration for the visual arts was revealed little by little.
After studying tourism, the artist traveled the world and put creation aside for a while. In 2018, Fanni felt the need to paint again, a need that never leaves her anymore. She then took classes at a Parisian art school to develop her technique and vision.

His work is rooted in an exploratory ideology and is inspired by his numerous travels around the world. Fanni mixes collage, digital art, photography, acrylic paint and epoxy resin, resulting in colorful, rich and heterogeneous works, sometimes even revealing a sweet nostalgia.

– 2022: Exhibition in Monaco
– August-September 2020: Exhibition in Tours
– September 2020: Exhibition in Paris