Le Bidon Français

Guillaume & Anthony are two French artists, self-taught and true jack-of-all-trades for one and passionate about decoration and modern art for the other since their childhood.

The influence of pop art and street art is visible in their works and is available on various media: metal oil barrels, skateboard decks, spray paint cans, and it is these objects that they have been able to divert from landfills by recycling them into works of art such as lamps, gas canisters or Playmobils .
On these barrels, the engine of globalization, they paint without limits of creativity, symbols of luxury, and pleasure, and will meet your requirements to create whatever your heart desires.
There are no boundaries for an artist who can count on commissioning works of art from his admirers.
Sold all over the world, they have had the opportunity to collaborate with several major Art Galleries, notably in France, Belgium and the United States.
Discover a unique selection of refined and tailor-made works of art, designed just for you.
A selection based on your personal and refined tastes, thanks to the expert eye of our team.
All our works are sold signed, and numbered with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.